Herald Chorale is a multilingual choral group which is ministering with multicultural programs in Chinese as well as in English. Herald Chorale has been blessed by the Lord. Since its organization in June, 2013, we had several major worships reaching out in Bay Area's central locations both in San Francisco, the Peninsula and in the South Bay. We now have over 70 members and a full orchestra. We are excited for the opportunity to reach many in the Bay Area for Christ in the future with the direction of Our Lord.


     The large size of Herald Chorale and Orchestra requires lager facilities in order to accommodate both choir and orchestra, which is a good thing in spite of the difficulty in reserving the facilities and we will continue to minister with presenting multi church worships and programs to present the Gospel.


     For the purpose of reaching smaller churches with the gospel of Jesus Christ, we have now organized, from members of Herald Chorale, a smaller singing group called Herald Singers which is portable because of its size. We covet your prayer support as well as giving us the opportunity to reach your neighborhood with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by arranging to partner with us in evangelistic programs in your church.


     At present, our orchestra is composed of Bay Area Christians as well as invited guests. We would like to have a completely Christian orchestra in order to serve more effectively. For this reason, I am requesting your recommending Christian musicians to Herald Orchestra. Musicians do not have to be professionals. The music we choose are arranged for the average church musician. Anyone who has performed with any orchestra or instrumental ensemble (including high school and college orchestras) for over two or three years will qualify. As a professor of music, I have rearranged music to fit the skill level of the orchestras I directed. This will almost make the orchestra one that every musician loves to be a part of. Many church members, or Christian musicians, may have put down their instruments because of little or no opportunity for them to use them for the glory of God. Here in Herald Orchestra, they will be able to serve with delight and experience how God could use their God-given, man maintained skills for His glory.


Sincerely in the Lord,

Rev. Joshua Law